Ogrodzenia frontowe przy domu jednorodzinnym
Growmat is
a modern and durable
fencing systems for your home
Ogrodzenia sportowe - producent
Fencing systems
for sports facilities
is the safety and durability
Panele ogrodzeniowe - ogrodzenia panelowe
We produce
solid fencing systems
for large industrial facilities


guarantee period

To make you satisfied, we offer our products with the 5-year guarantee


Respecting you time we offer fast and efficient realization of your order

and pattern

We offer a complex service comprising production and assembly of fences in the whole country and abroad

and designs

We are constantly monitoring the latest trends in fencing designs and we are keeping up with our patterns with the most current standards

Producent paneli ogrodzeniowych i systemów ogrodzeniowych


We make our panel fences with top-quality steel. The panel fences are coated with the rust-proof layer of the best technical quality and they guarantee many years of usage which requires no maintenance activities. This fencing system is recommended for: parks, playgrounds, storehouse facilities, office buildings, public facilities, private real estates. We also recommend it as football pitches fencing solution – and sport facilities fencing.

Fencing panels

In the category of producer of panel fences we know how to make innovative and reliable fencing systems. Our offer is based on panel fences and completed with gateways and gates. Worth consideration are also our gabion fences which are characterised with modern design and high esthetic value. Additionally, the gabion fences make a outstanding finishing touch to your estate.

Fences for sport
and industrial facilities

Football pitches fencing solution – and sport facilities fencing and industrial facility fences belong to the specialist fencing group. The task of this group of fences is to meet all safety requirements. In the category of the producer of panel fences we know how to cater for the maximum protection of sport and industrial facilities by using the panel fences.


WAFIOS R35 wire straightener

We are constantly developing and investing in innovative solutions. We have widened our machine fleet with the state-of-art WAFIOS R35 ...

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Launching a new fully automated line for the powder coating

Launching a new fully automated line for the powder coating German company : J.Wagner GmbH