We have been on the market since 1980 and we are still developing our competences to make our offer match the changing needs of our customers and the market..

If you are looking for professional service of production and assembly of a fencing you are in the right place. Why? Because what makes us distinguishable in the market is the high quality products and professional assembly of the fencing systems, and we are the best ones in what we do!

As a manufacturer of fencing systems for individual customers, huge industrial facilities or sports facilities, we offer durable and innovative panel fences, sport-playground fences, gateways, gates and gabion fences.

Our products accommodate for your needs with exceptional affordable price, fast and easy assembly, high durability and a very good rust-proofing. Additionally, we give individual attention to each order, and each order is equally important to us.

By monitoring the changing trends on the market we care for the high esthetic quality of our fences. Thanks to that, the products that we offer – panel fences or gabion fences get more and more popular and become more and more appreciated by foreign customers.

We are operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, as well as Ireland and England.

To make you even more comfortable we can give you effective and reliable advice on the choice of a fence suited to your needs, as well as we can assembly our product in your place in a professional manner.

guarantee period

To make you satisfied, we offer our products with the 5-year guarantee


Respecting you time we offer fast and efficient realization of your order

and pattern

We offer a complex service comprising production and assembly of fences in the whole country and abroad

and designs

We are constantly monitoring the latest trends in fencing designs and we are keeping up with our patterns with the most current standards