Taking care of our customers, we use only the top quality materials and semi-finished materials, and we tailor our offer according to the individual needs of the final users of our products.

Individual customer


We recommend our products to an individual customer. These are not only the panel fences or gambion fences but also gateways and gates which are integral parts of each fencing system. Self-bearing sliding gateways and double leaf facing gateways which you can find in our offer are ideal solutions for closing the entrance to your family house private grounds. Individually selected 2D decorative/front panel fences 2D mix with the landscape of your private estate really well. Gabion fences, whose innovative design comes from steel and natural stones filling used for their manufacture, do not only protect your estate but also decorate it.

Industrial facilities


Thanks to the reliable design and solid construction our products are applied for fencing large industrial facilities, storehouse rooms or construction sites. Panel fences, gateways and gates protect the area very well. Our self-bearing sliding gates suit for closing the industrial sites entrances or large halls entrances perfectly. The clear width of these gates is up to 12 metres and due to the use of two opposite gates you can have the 24 metres wide entrance. An alternative to the sliding gates are the double leaf fencing gates – their width between the posts is up to 15 metres so they are excellent for closing wide entrances.

Sport facilities


Sport fencing for playgrounds belong to the group of specialist fencing solutions. Due to the specificity of sport facilities the proper protection of the area of their location is a must.
We offer fencing panels, segments, parts, gateways and fences made of the top quality materials and semi-materials which suit the protection protect the sport facilities giving the maximum protection to the sportsmen and the spectators gathered in the premises best. Additionally, different arrangements of the fencing systems make it possible to suit the whole fencing to the expectations of the customer, starting from the community playgrounds to finish with the huge sport stadiums.