Durozinq is a modern technology of thermal galvanisation. What does the process of Durozinq galvanisation consist in? It is based on adding different ingredients to the zinc bath in such proportions that let you keep the iron-zinc reaction, which determines all other features of the alloy under control.

Panel fences, sport playgrounds fencing, gateways, gates or gabion fences are under a risk of rusting i.e. a slow process of degradation of the metal structure due to chemical reactions of the metal with the elements of the environment or due to electrochemical procedures.

So, how to protect from the unfavourable and very inconvenient phenomenon: the corrosion of metals?

In practice, there are different methods to fight with rust. However all of them are just effective for a short time. Also, they do not necessarily perform as needed under certain conditions meaning they do not protect against damage of the structure of metal.

Considering the high invasive potential of the phenomenon of corrosion, selection of an anti-rust agent that is going to resist majority of the external factors coming from the environment and shall have a high level of resistance to physical factors (temperature changes, abrasion) is a very difficult task.

Out of the wide range of protection methods applied to any metal products, thermal (or hot-dip) galvanisation is the most effective one. This is the most efficient and the cheapest method of rust-proofing.

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Because of specificity of our products: fencing panels, gabion fences or sport – playgrounds fences, we care for the highly effective and reliable method of rust-proofing of metal products. That is why, with our Growmat fences, we use the thermal galvanisation method which is based on over a 100-year experience of the German company: Voigt & Schweitzer, who meets All the requirements of the standard number DIN ISO 1461.

The key ingredient of the zinc bath is the special quality Z1 zinc whose purity cannot be lower than 99.995% Zn. The additional ingredients of the zinc bath are aluminum and Technigalva galvanizing grout.

What makes the zinc coat of our fencing systems different from others then? Well, first of all it is:

  • The homogeneity of the layer and its equal distribution over the whole surface of the fence,
  • Increased adhesion to the product and increased flexibility,
  • It is also the higher resistance to abrasion and other mechanical damages,
  • The galvanised materials meet the requirements of DIN 1461.

Moreover, which is crucial, the Galvanised materials meet the requirements of the standard DIN 1461.