Systemy ogrodzeniowe i ogrodzenia panelowe


The fence panel is made from the highest quality steel , coated with anti-corrosion coating excellent high technology ensuring long-term use of elements fence without maintenance. Additionally , a complete system of panels with different designs and heights convenient to install optimizes customize the look of the fence to the shape of the building and the environment.


The fencing panels made ​​of steel rods welded spot with rectangular mesh mounted on poles closed profile or section bar with the available accessories.

Corrosion protection:

dip galvanized ,
dip galvanized + polyester coating ( galvanized steel cover with polyester paints the fence gives exceptional resistance to weathering and ensures long-term usage ) .

The fence is characterized by easy and fast installation ( fence can be installed in areas with variable slope to 45º ) .


Recommended for professional fencing the playground, gardens, parks, office buildings and warehouses , public buildings, sports facilities and private properties.

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Technical data

Type 3v – 3 reinforcements

Type Panel
Number of
of clamps
[symbol] [mm] [mm] [pcs.] [amount]
3V/H-1110 1110 1700 11 2
3V/H-1310 1310 2000 12 3
3V/H-1510 1510 2200 13 3
3V/H-1710 1710 2400 14 3
3V/H-1910 1910 2600 15 4
3V/H-2110 2110 2800 16 4

Fixed data:

panel width 2500 mm
mounting system A and B
number of vertical bars 50 pcs.
vertical/horizontal bar diameter 4/4 or 5/5 mm

EN 10223-7:2002

(PKN 06-2005 r.)

Option bar diameter horizontal (H) vertical (V)
D-4 H=4,0 mm V=4,0 mm
D-5 H=5,0 mm V=5,0 mm
Mounting system

Type A

mounting clamps 40×60

section A-A:

Panele ogrodzeniowe 2V - przekrój typ A


  1. post 40×60×2.0×H [mm]
  2. fencing panel
  3. mounting clamp 40×60
  4. locking screw M8×25/A2
  5. breakaway nut /A2
  6. distance /PE-H
  7. top cap /PE
  8. dome screw cover /PE (option)
  9. dome nut cover /PE (option)


Panele ogrodzeniowe 2V - aksonometria typ A

axial spacing: 2,58 m

Type B

mounting clamp 40×60

section B-B:

Panele ogrodzeniowe 2V - przekrój typ B


  1. post 40×60
  2. fencing panel
  3. mounting clamp 40×60 U-BF
  4. hexagon nut M6
  5. anti-vibration distance /PE
  6. cover/PE-H
  7. top cap /PE
  8. clamp /FE


Panele ogrodzeniowe 2V - aksonometria typ B


Type A

Weight [kg] Material
1. load-bearing base 22,0 concrete B-15
2. plinth board 53,0 concrete B-15 – reinforced
3. cover 3,0 concrete B-15

1. load-bearing base concrete element in the form of the prism with grooves (locks) for plinth boards (1a) and mounting
socket (1b) that guarantees monolithic connection with point foundation of the post
2. plinth board reinforced concrete element which dead weight is placed on the foundation of the PPPP through the
groove of the load-bearing base (saddle) – (1b)
3. cover base coping, permanently joined with elastic and frost-resistant assembly adhesive
Podmórówka typ A pod panele ogrodzeniowe

Type B

Weight [kg] Material
1. intermediate connector 9,70 concrete B-20
2. plinth board 60,0 concrete B-20 – reinforced


tybe B prefabricated and vibro-pressed high quality concrete plinth
plinth board; corner
and intermediate
concrete B-20, additionally reinforced for pos. 2 – reinforcing bars 6 mm
Podmórówka typ B pod panele ogrodzeniowe

Type C


type C Galvanized steel grip is used for mounting concrete plinth boards 4 cm width. It can be used as initial, intermediate or corner grip.
set: Galvanized plinth board grip for panel post H=200 mm S=40 mm: 2 pcs. self-drilling screws: 4 pcs.
Podmórówka typ C pod panele ogrodzeniowe
Anticorrosive protection

Hot galvanizing

EN-ISO 1461

Elements of GROWMAT system panel fencing:
panels, posts, clamps and mounting strip are protected against corrosion with zinc coating through hot galvanizing process in accordance with the norm: EN-ISO1491(DIN50976).

As a result of a hot galvanizing process (bath in liquid zinc at 440–460°C) on the surface of the galvanized element occurs a diffusion, that is steel and zinc form an alloy layer on where accumulates a pure zinc layer.


EN-ISO 12944-5

Anticorrosive protection in DUPLEX system consists of applying properly prepared zinc coating on a special paint coating. In DUPLEX system of GROWMAT company this coating is made of polyester powder lacquer applied with the electrostatic method. The most important element that has effect on the durability of the paint coating is preparation of galvanized surface. As we are fully aware of that we use abrasive blasting that allows to achieve the highest adhesion of paint coating and thus its highest quality.

Options, notice and special task

1. Outrigger

The option of equipping a 40×60 panel post with an outrigger allows to improve security of fenced area or property. It can be:

  • in single or double version;
  • placed inside or outside the fencing;
  • filled with a fencing panel or with 1, 2 or 3 rows of barbed wire.

2. Notice

  1. It is recommended to make fencing panels intended for fencings of schools, nurseries, bus stops etc. in a special way depriving them of upper wire endings (comb). It protects people trying to go over the fence from the risk of injury.
  2. In case of mounting fencing panels in sections of <2,5m, we cut them short on site (on a building site). We cut panels with wire-cutters (that allow to cut bars up to 8 mm). The panel is cut short in a modular manner every 50 mm, as close as possible to the welding. Cut bars are secured with lacquer mortar in a given colour.

3. Individual solutions

Fencing panels system allows the possibility of any type of construction in the form of:

  • dog playpens;
  • trash can covers;
  • ball catch fencings (>2,56 m, made of two panels);
  • temporary fencings of building sites.
Panele ogrodzeniowe wandaloodporne