Buying a fence is an investment for many years so it is not worth economising on. When you decide to buy a cheaper fencing system, you only seem to save your money.

You can see the results of the seeming saving just after the first winter and summer seasons are over with their very low or very high temperatures. Tempests, extreme frost, long snowfalls and slush can highly spoil the condition of your fence. Cracking, rust, warpage of fencing panel, losing colour of the cover of the fence are just a few unpleasant surprises that a cheaper product can give you. In an instant, you can forget about the quality and durability for your new fence.

Do not invest in cheap fences!

It often happens that the cost of the seemingly cheap fence turns out to be much higher than an investment in a more expensive fencing system. Why? First of all, you need to take into consideration the short durability of a fence which makes change it into a new one. When you decide to buy a cheaper fence you need to have the risk of a faster utilization of its elements in mind. Additionally, the cheaper fencing systems require time-consuming and costly renovation and maintenance. As a result, the cost of your investment in a more expensive yet definitely better quality fencing system is undoubtedly more profitable.

High quality first of All!

The galvanised panels i.e. panels which undergo the process of thermal galvanisation according to the standard number EN-ISO 1461, are a high class panels. The galvanisation process consists in liquid zinc “bathing”of the steel parts in the temperature of 440-460ºC. Due to such a treatment, a diffusion phenomenon takes place on the surface of steel. The steel and the zinc together create an alloy layer, with a coat of the clear zinc in it. The layer, that is inseparably joined with the steel surface, effectively increases the fencing panels rust-proofing level. The galvanised panels can be additionally electrostatically coated thanks to which it looks even more esthetic. The best powder coats of the wide, RAL range of colours do additionally increase the panel fencing rust-proof qualities. The powder coats huge advantage is that they are completely safe for people and the natural environment.

Taking good care about a customer and the natural environment, we select the best materials to manufacture our fences. Remember that the high class panel shall never crack or get pale and it shall serve you for many years!